the last wave from port chicago

The Last Wave
from Port Chicago
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122° 02' W, 38° 04' N
Paul Masters, Captain Archie Kuntze, and Madame Sun
San Francisco Chronicle to NMERDI
NMERDI, Edward Teller, Men and Boys
"History of 10,000 Ton Gadget" The Authors and the Bomb it describes
"History of 10,000 Ton Gadget" Critical explanation and analysis
Ship Explosions: USS Maine, SS Fort Stikine, SS Mont Blanc
Ship Explosions: Black Tom Island, SS Mary Luckenbach, SS Robert Rowan, USS Mount Hood
Historical Record, The Port Chicago, California, Ship Explosion 7/17/1944
TNT and torpex charge weight, probable causes and origin of the Port Chicago explosion
Manhattan Project U235 production data, 1943-9145
U.S. World War II U235 isotope separation: E.O. Lawrence and Philip H. Abelson
Mark II: July 4 - August 17, 1944
Mark II: February 5, 1939 - August 24, 1943
Three Horseman and Corruption of the Port Chicago Navy Court of Inquiry
George T. Reynolds, Russian espionage, shots Ruth and Ray, 1953
Transcriptions: The liquid thermal diffusion uranium isotope separation method
Manhattan District History: Project Y, the Los Alamos Project
Development of the Mark II