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Chapter 3

San Francisco Chronicle to NMERDI

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Servicemen in barracks"Three days later I called the number and learned I was speaking with Alexander Theodore Shulgin, Ph.D. Sasha, as he is known by acquaintances, introduced himself as the chemist who had developed STP for Dow Chemical Company at its laboratories in the San Francisco East Bay. This was significant news because Chronicle reporting on the drug to that time had intimated that STP was probably a Hippie-Communist conspiracy concocted to destroy the minds and stir-fry the gene pool of American youth. Although abominated by the political Left because of the company's massive and very profitable production of the napalm used by the U.S. military in Vietnam, Dow Chemical was in the view of the Establishment, and the Chronicle city editor, a moral and ethical pillar of America's industrial might and genius."

Photo Credit
Naval personnel in Port Chicago barracks the morning after the explosion.
Source: U.S. Navy and The National Parks Service - July 18, 1944